Riffenburgh PTO Grant Program

Updated: August 2018

The Riffenburgh Elementary School PTO provides a Grant Program to support creative and innovative teaching and learning initiatives that enrich the Riffenburgh Elementary School community.

What the PTO Grant Program is:

  • An opportunity for PTO members to identify an initiative that would provide a value-added experience for Riffenburgh students. Student ideas are welcome but a PTO member (parent or teacher) must complete and submit the proposal.

  • A resource for funding a project, activity and/or materials that will reinforce learning through practical application of curricular concepts.


What are some examples of appropriate mini grant applications?

  • Formation of a new school-wide project or club

  • Purchase of materials to support a grade-level curriculum project

  • Purchase of new playground equipment or water fountains for the school


How many grants will be gifted?

In the 2018/19 school year there will be an opportunity to gift up to $10,000 in grants.  Grants fall into 3 different buckets:

  • Seed Grants: Up to $750

  • Great Idea Grant: Up to $1,000

  • Dream Big Grant: Up to $5,000


What are the policies and procedures that guide this process?

Interested PTO members (including teachers and parents) are invited to complete a mini grant application below.

  • All grant proposals must use this application.

  • PTO grants are considered 2 times a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Please reference PTO Calendar for current dates.

  • Completed grant proposals will be reviewed by the Principal and the PTO Board. If additional information is needed, the PTO Treasures will contact the proposal author.

  • Approval of grant proposals will be based upon the following criteria: alignment with PTO Grant program's purpose; availability of funds; availability of other funding resources; short or long term goals of the project; and evaluation of how many students, subject areas, classes, and/or grade levels will benefit.

  • Upon approval, written confirmation of the terms of the grant will be sent to the applicant. The PTO membership will be notified at the next PTO meeting.

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