Learn more about our amazing Riffenburgh staff.  

If you want to surprise someone with a holiday treat, during Teacher Appreciation Week, or just because...you can use the list below to find out what our staff's favorite things are!

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Back

Mrs. Beggs, Kindergarten Para

Mrs. Christopherson, Kindergarten Para

Mrs. Jabbour

Mrs. Palumbo

Mrs. Rogers, Kindergarten Para

Ms. Stentz

Specials Teachers

Mrs. Clark, Music

Ms. Janssen, Media/Library

Mrs. McAnally, PE

Sra. Peacock, Spanish

Mrs. Rodriguez, Media Assistant

Mr. Z, Art

Front Office Staff

Mrs. Mierzwa, Principal

Mrs. Cripe, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Distler, Office Manager

Mrs. Tomenak, Registrar/Secretary

Mr. Justin, Day Custodian

Mr. Jay, Night Custodian

Ms. Ava, Night Custodian

Mrs. Bouchard, School Nurse

Other Staff

Mrs. Ahmad, ELD

Mrs. Bankson, Instructional Para

Mrs. Bruinsma, Lead Interventionist Coordinator/MTSS

Mrs. Christopherson, MTSS Interventionist

Ms. Ellis, Integrated Services Teacher

Ms. Morgan, Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Norman, Child Nutrition Team Member

Mrs. Oestreich, Counselor

Ms. Price, Gifted/Talented Coordinator & MTSS Interventionist

Ms. Reyes, SLP

Mrs. Roselles, MTSS Para

Ms. Sosa, Occupational Therapist

Mrs. Schaeffer, Literacy Coordinator

Ms. Tyler, Instructional Paraproessional

Ms. Zweifel, Integrated Services